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Good Morning, Flowers! It's still windy, a few clouds in the sky, sun trying to shine, and 28 degrees heading towards the mid 30s this afternoon. I just finished counting the gift shop money so need to head to the bank when I finish here. The "holiday" program was interesting last night; the kids performed very well. The elementary principal kept trying to keep people, who came early, out of the auditorium because there was play practice going on. During the first program she announced that everyone had to leave when that school was finished. Any coats, purses, etc., (trying to save seats) would be picked up and taken to the common area where people could reclaim them. You can imagine the reaction from those of us that had children in both programs. Lots of people refused to leave their seats; we did move because Maddie's class was first in the second program and we could leave right after she was finished. I hope they have better planning next year! :crossed;

Maggie -- on losing another .3#! You are doing great and espeically during the holiday eating frenzy. I did find a couple of things I was looking for yesterday . . . and a few things jumped into my cart that weren't on my list.

I'm off to the bank! Have a terrific Tuesday!
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