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Good morning I was distracted by the little dog eying the cat food, while the cats were still eating. She thought better of it and sat and waited until they walked away.

Just another day here. It's day 9 of the countdown to time off. Yes, I really need a vacation! Not much happening here. We decided to skip a large work party Friday night so w could go see The Hobbit. That will give us a quiet, at home Saturday, something we don't do enough of.

DD had her first wedding meltdown yesterday. Apparently a "friend" looked at the dress pics and told her she liked the other dress she tried on last week better. Really? After she already bought this one. I was not amused. After much texting and a long talk in the evening all is well again. Hope this is the last one for awhile. She has been so grounded throughout this process until now.

I'm getting better at getting some movement in every day. It's not serious exercise yet but at least I'm making time to move. Slow but steady progress. Some day my ticker and I will speak again.

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