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Good Morning, Flowers! The sun is shining! It was 1 degree when I went downstairs this morning, and has "warmed" up to 12; with the wind it feels like 0. I took my time at church and managed to get my posting figures to match what we counted the first time through. Stopped to pick up the gift shop money on my way home and will count that tomorrow, I think. I'm hoping to leave for Sioux City after lunch. I'd like to finish some last minute shopping before the programs at 6 and 7.

I am making progress with the cat! Last night he followed me to the house door and actually came inside and sat on the mat for a few seconds. He looked around like, "it's a whole lot warmer in here!" and then went back out in the garage. He followed me to the door again this morning. Tonight and one more day of pills and we will be finished with those.

"Gma" -- It would be a toss up about which place is worse for shopping! Along with your computer glitch you had quite a day yesterday. That bartender gal sounds like quite a trick, as in dumb thinking she could get by with stealing along with all of her other shenanigans. I'm so glad you are feeling better and may the female problems be all behind you.

Maggie -- I cut up the cat's pills and smushed them in his soft food. He followed me to the door again this morning so I'm hoping he will be in the house soon. I'm glad your glass materials arrived so you can finish your gifts. Good luck at WW tonight!

Hope you all have a marvelous Monday and enjoy!
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