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Good morning girls. It is again cloudy and rainy here today, but much, much cooler, about 30 degrees cooler. I am ready for some sunshine, but I don't begrudge the rain as we needed it.

We just lazed around yesterday after running all over the place for groceries. I made hamburgers for dinner last night and they were pretty darn good. Jack had Fritos with his, I just ate a burger. We watched this program where these people come into someone's bar or restaurant and puts cameras in overnight to watch the staff when an owner is losing money and doesn't know why. I kept telling the tv that if she wasn't losing money ever or at least not more than usual by overpouring or loss, to look to the last person she hired. Well, I was right. This girl was pouring free drinks, pocketing money and not ringing up sales, drinking on the job with customers and let customers stay in the bar after closing and drink. She would pocket the money they paid her for the drinks because she couldn't ring them up as they would show up on the cash tape what time they were sold. She also brought in about 6 friends and they partied. She took one guy to the bathroom with her for sex and left the bar unattended telling the people to drink whatever they wanted. She only fired her, I would have had her arrested myself. She had the money in her bra and it was on video what she did. She got really mad telling the owner she had no right to spy on her that she was her best bartender helping her out when she needed it coming in when people were sick, etc. Yes, to rip her off some more. I had never seen anything like it and I had watched a couple of this type of shows.

I have my morning chores done, but have to get my cleaning for today going and work on that sock. I am running out of time at this point so have to work on it and quit stalling.

I think maybe this female stuff is gone for good. I am not having any problems and haven't for over a week so I think the meds are completely out of my system and the last d and c probably fixed the problem I was having in the first place. I wonder if she had just done those and not the hormones if I would have gotten better quicker. I think the meds really screwed up my system. I am just glad it is all better. Now maybe I can get going on some serious weight loss before next year's vacation.

Maggie: I have never checked to see if the Chinese restaurants are open Christmas Day around here. I always remember "A Christmas Story," where they went to a Chinese restaurant for Christmas dinner because their dinner was ruined at home. The only thing I know that is open here is IHOP and the casino buffets. We haven't decided what we are going to do for dinner or lunch this year for Christmas. Fortune will go out in cold, but will not go out when it is raining even if he is fit to burst.

Well girls, better get going on my housework and such. You all have a great start to the week. Faye
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