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Overweight again...dang
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I used to plan a couple of hours at the gym, twice a week for a yoga class. I'd go to the gym, treadmill for about 10-15 minutes walking, do the class and then round it off with 15-20 minutes in the sauna with a book. But even if I skipped everything else, it was my goal to get to yoga. Maybe you have a friend who'd like to do it with you.

So my suggestion, is "make an appointment", and keep it simple. You don't have to go every day and make it a chore. I like the idea a previous poster suggested. Find something specific, like a class, or just a decision to do X or Y on a certain day. Put it on your calendar like an appointment. Or make Monday/Wednesday your gym days, or Tuesday/Thursday. Something that's consistent and you can plan around, like a job.

You'd think it would be easy being a SAHM. You have aaalllll daaaaay. Nope, not so much!

Isn't the blood sugar high normal cut off 99? I was borderline too, but I was never concerned because it was barely above the normal high. I think mine was also at 100, with the cut-off high at 99. Something really close like that. I had a doctor who FREAKED... I fired the guy. He was only trying to sell his weight loss plan, because that seems to be where the money is at these days. My new doc ran the HbA1c test for diabetes and it was well within normal range. That's a test worth asking for if you're really worried.

You're overweight, and that affects your ability to metabolize sugar at a cellular level. Insulin resistance. As you lose, this will improve. It sounds like you have a good, solid plan in place, and you're already doing what you need to do. You're doing exactly what a smart doctor would suggest. If you think it would help, ask your doc about diabetes medication. Perhaps it will help you with your weight loss. I tried it for about a month, but I didn't feel any better by taking it, and my weight loss didn't improve, so I stopped. My last blood test showed a normal blood sugar.
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