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Afternoon girls. It is rainy, but fairly pleasant temp wise here. We had a nightmare grocery shopping though. We went out to the commissary and were about halfway done and the power went out. They forced us to check out and leave so we had to come home and put what we did have away and then go and get the rest at Walmart. I decided what could wait and what we needed and just got that. Checkout was a nightmare too as some idiot with food stamps got a whole bunch of stuff he isn't allowed to buy and they had to separate everything. I bought a prepackaged tuna sandwich for lunch and ate it in the car on the way home. I am glad that is over. At least I found the Corky's Pecan Pie for Christmas Eve. They have superb pie and Jack loves them so I bought one instead of making or getting one at a bakery or whatever. A lot of times Walmart won't have them so I got two just in case I can't keep Jack out of one! I am going to get a pumpkin and a chocolate closer to time.

We had a computer mess. One of the microsoft updates screwed up Explorer big time. I had no email, I couldn't pay bills because though I could get into let's say the utility company website, it wouldn't let me log in or I could log in like at Geico, but when I wanted to make a payment the page wouldn't advance it would just blink and take you back to the same page. Jack uninstalled Explorer after we tried everything else and reinstalled it and though it slow loading some things, it is working ok. I do have to go to McAfee and find out how I can uninstall and reinstall my program as I bought it online and it is not working at all.

I will do personals tomorrow. I am just bushed after having to run all over the place to get groceries and stuff. Have a good Sunday! Faye
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