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Good Afternoon, Flowers! I had some trouble getting in here today, gave up, and here I am! The wind is blowing 22-25 mph, it's cloudy, and "feels" like 4 degrees outside. We are in a wind advisory until midnight. I'm just glad it's not snowing! Most of the snow has melted again. We were at church by 7:15 this morning; the singers went to practice in the music room while the ringers set up tables and got our bells out. Our first run through sounded like we were sight reading for the first time -- not good! Once the violinist arrived and the singers joined us, we picked the hard spots and went over those several times. The finale, during church, was awesome according to several comments afterwards. Silent Night is pretty anyway; I didn't lose my place so guess it turned out ok. I was really nervous because I knew if I lost my count/place I would be in deep dodo. The gal next to me sometimes plays just ahead or behind a beat and throws me off. I've been trying to get warm ever since we got home! Have another load of laundry in the washer and my Christmas cards on the kitchen table waiting for me.

Maggie -- It's a very gloomy day here! I am more than ready for sunshine, at least then it doesn't seem quite so cold. I hope you were able to solder your building without having to buy more. Are you making ravioli this afternoon? I thought sure I would have Ernie's little brother in the house by now but he is as far away from the inside door as he can get. I know if I would open the outside door he would go back outside. Bob thinks we should let him out then invite him in through the deck door where he is used to being fed and sticking his head inside. We'll see. I'd like to get all of his pills down him first.

I need to work on my cards. I always think about writing a letter but never get it done. Enjoy the rest of your day!
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