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Default Any others out there home all day while kids in school?

My kids leave for school at 8:15 and get home around 3:10. Which means I hae the entire day to myself. Why do I run errands? Dilly dally online, watch TV, do yet another load of laundry or clean the house one more time? I can find any reason to run to Target. I have told myself for OVER a year - why oh why don't I just go to the gym and stay there - like the gym is MY JOB? I have the membership - AND since my Dr. wrote a letter of medical necessity - my FSA will pay for my membership. I could do the treadmill, lift weights, go for a swim hit the sauna and hot tub -why don't I? After school and after homework / dinner, I could take the kids back with me and do the treadmill a 2nd time. WHY don't I make this my JOB? My husband has said before - the people on the biggest loser workout so much - in reality - eh, I don't know if they work out 7 hours ad ay, who knows, maybe they do. So - that's my plan - go to the gym M-F at 8:30 pack my swimsuit - stay there until 2 - come home, shower and be ready for carpool. I can even pack a lunch and have that at the gym. Overkill? Too much too soon? Nope - I'm making this my job -
ETA - my days while the kids are in school are always full with Random trip to Dr. for myself or a kid, volunteering in the school, bible study, that sort of thing - so it's not like I literally sit on my butt all day. There are days when I'm busy non-stop from the time they leave until they get home...but my point was that I need to fill that time in with more exercise

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