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Good Morning, Flowers! We got enough snow yesterday to cover the ground. This morning I got up to fog and "Frosty" did his artwork on the trees, etc., outside. I don't think the sun will shine today and more snow is predicted for tomorrow. My house looks like a tornado went through as I didn't finish wrapping gifts yesterday, and the mailman delivered more boxes later in the afternoon. I don't know why I am more uptight this year but I feel like I am spinning my wheels even though I know I am accomplishing a few things at a time. Must be age related!

I am dressed, have the dw going, and need to take laundry downstairs. I would really like to bring the cat inside from the garage today; at least let Ernie and him meet to see how that goes. I think we are going to call him Sonny because Bob calls him Sonny-bub already. I've just been calling him Pu**y Cat but somehow that just doesn't seem appropriate . . . maybe PC would work.

Have a super Saturday and enjoy whatever you are doing today!

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