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Good Morning, Flowers! It's misting and a "warm" 41 degrees in my neighborhood this morning. The wind has calmed down again so that's nice. I need to go to the grocery store then look for an electric pencil sharpner that Beth has on her Christmas list. Our church staff - volunteer dinner is tonight and I offered to bring a vegetable. I called the pastor's wife to see how many were coming. She said 22 had said "yes" while there were another 15 or so she hadn't heard from. She is cooking the turkey and dressing; I think it is so rude when people don't rsvp and especially when food is involved. Anyhow, I am taking the easy way out and fixing corn in the crockpot. I can add the leftovers to soup, if there are any.

"Gma" -- What a scary thing for Jack's coworker Henry! I hope he gets along ok and has family support close by. We had DQ cones a couple days ago after we voted in the school election. It felt more like a spring day than fall/winter. The cat will eat canned food so I put the pill in that. He ate the first one, no problem. The one I put out for supper was mushed in the remnants of the food this morning. I guess I will smash the next one and mix it in. He is still in hiding under Bob's workbench and behind some lumber. We are leaving the cars outside so we won't scare him any more. I would let him back outside but I'm afraid he may take off never to be seen again. Bob doesn't think he will go too far since his food source is here. It would be nice if you can travel with the other couple on the next cruise. We enjoy having company on our Maui trips. I'll let you know how FL goes!

I need to get dressed and get moving. I got my driver's license yesterday and I look like I should be on the po wall of "most wanted" criminals! It is my worst picture ever! Enjoy your day and have a good one!
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