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Good morning everyone. Looks like it wants to rain today again but I haven't looked at the forecast. I don't turn on the tv to our local news in the morning as I don't want to listen to half an hour of who was murdered overnight. It is just vile.

I am a little under the weather this morning. My right shoulder is bothering me again and Fortune would not lay down and sleep last night so I had to deal with that and didn't get any sleep or very little myself. So, this morning Jack made himself a big breakfast, which stunk up the house and made me nauseous since I had no sleep. I am going to finish here and fix some toast and see if that will settle it.

Please pray for Henry. I do not know his last name but he works at Jack's plant. He is an operator, which means he takes measurements, checks dials that sort of thing for all the operations out there. Tuesday night, he was in a city truck driving around to the different areas of the plant and had a stroke in the truck and hit a big gas main. Luckily, he was going slow enough it didn't rupture and on the good side, hitting it prevented the truck from going off into the lagoon, which is the sewage lake I was telling you about. He is in intensive care at one of the hospitals here in town, but this is his second stroke and he is probably about 5 years younger then I. I couldn't believe it when Jack told me.

Maggie: Yep, unlike humans animals aren't grudge holders! I am sure he is glad he is out of the shed though. I bet the village just looks adorable. I have seen some of the things posted on FB of Christmas decor. I am hoping maybe I can go out and look at decorations in a week or so. The road on the way out to where we shop has upper middle income people and lots of them had really nice decorations out when we came home the other night. Jack never did this as a kid and thinks it's stupid, but I did it as a kid and I took my two every year and our tradition was to get ice cream cones. I know I have told the story and sounds stupid to get ice cream in winter, but we lived in the southwest when I started this so it was warm. When we moved to colder areas, we just kept it up. When it is really cold we would get looks, but not too much.

Jean: How are you guys going to get the antibiotics into him if he is staying away from you now??? One of the cool things about this scarf is you can take any colors, stash leftovers, etc and make a beautiful woven like look. Of course, the smallest scarf you cast on 200 stitches so you have to be prepared for that. You can do it either way, either weave in ends or leave length and make tassels. I don't know what I would do I would have to decide at the last minute.

I think we have the couple we enjoyed so much at dinner on the cruise convinced to go with us next year. They live in Kansas City, Kansas and would fly in, but we would meet them on the ship etc and we would make advanced plans to sit together at dinner and all that stuff. They are actually about 10 years older than us, but she is a live wire and I love her to death. We laughed til we cried about some things we talked about.

Well girls, I have to go upstairs today and clean bathrooms. Hope you all have a great day today. Stay warm and dry. Faye
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