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Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's a cold windy day in my corner of the world. The sun is trying hard to shine but there is a cloud cover in the way. I tricked Ernie's little brother into going into the carrier by putting his breakfast in there. He was not a happy camper when I shoved him on in and shut the door. He was good at the vet's office though he did growl a time or two. He doesn't have feline leukemia but does have a respiratory infection so $111 later, came home with antibiotics. I shut him in the garage and he headed straight for the door. Now when I go out he dives under Bob's work bench and behind a pile of lumber. I hope he will mellow; Bob thinks we should let him back outside but I'm not so sure.

"Gma" -- Hope you are back to having ALL good days! It sounds like your Christmas plans are all set. That is a nice feeling for sure. The yarn is beautiful! I had to at minimania name. Will you weave the ends in each time or tie a knot? I've heard that companies sometimes will hire an older person because they are more dependable and don't have the child care issues that younger parents have. We stopped at the DQ yesterday afternoon, for a cone, and an older lady waited on us. She was so personable and pleasant that we both commented on how nice she was as we were leaving. Running isn't my "thing" either; Bob says he's never seen a runner smiling as they run.

I have laundry going and bell practice later. Bob's group is singing with us this Sunday so is practicing with us today. That should be interesting since we aren't playing up to speed yet. It could be a long practice!
Enjoy the rest of your day and keep warm!

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