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Good morning ladies. We are cool here this morning, upper 50's but in a couple days it will be back to 70 then back in the 50's again. Weird weather just like last year, but as long as it isn't freezing I am ok.

I have had a couple great days and today a bit of a set back but just some shakiness and a bit of cramping is all. I took some Advil so hope it will do the trick. It is amazing how much you can get done when you feel good and how you just want to sit when you don't.

We now have all the plans set up for the holidays and such. Thomas has a Christmas band concert on the 11th then we are going out to dinner at a deli afterwards with the kids. We always spend Christmas Eve with them so this year Kelly is going to make a roast for dinner and we will go over and play games and have snacks before dinner and have dinner around 7 or so. My job is homemade yeast rolls and a couple pies. I am just giving Thomas money and his socks for Christmas so the only gift I still have to wrap is Tom's parents. I got them a big ole box from Swiss Colony that has sausages, a ham, mustard, jams, crackers, cakes, etc, etc. I know his dad will really like it. Kelly called me last night to talk about it all and said she puts ranch dressing in her roast. I didn't say anything but thought, "Oh dear Lord Jack will never eat it." She then laughed and said, "I didn't mean ranch dressing I mean Lipton's Onion Soup Mix!" Whoa, that sounds more like it. I told her that her dad will love it as I never put onions in my roast. Christmas will be just Jack and I and quiet around our house. We will talk to Jay and Alicia and Jackson on the phone and that will be about it.

I am almost to the heel on his second sock (like I said, pays to feel better) and zooming right along. I hate it when I am goofing off and looking at knitting patterns and find something that I want to try. I then put everything aside to try it. I found this new pattern called minimania. I am posting a pic of the scarf. It uses small "mini" skeins of yarn of fingering or sock weight yarn and the linen stitch to make a woven looking scarf. You can make placemats too and they turn out lovely. I just want to try it and see how it comes out using my leftovers of sock yarn. You change yarn every two rows so it makes this wonderful pattern. I am thinking of making one for Alicia for her birthday as she loves scarves. I also want to make Kelly this pair of slippers she wants and do the sweater for the cruise and of course socks for both boys for Christmas next year and maybe a new winter had that actually fits him for Jay. So I have lots of projects on tap for next year!

Maggie: Oh I am soooooo glad you found Cecil and except for being peeved at you none the worse for wear. I lost my baby son once...truly. After Jay was born, Jack had to go on sea duty for the first time. I didn't want to live alone in San Diego and so I went to live with his parents. They lived out in the desert in Las Cruces, NM. Jay was about 6 months at this time and crawling like a mad man. They had this awful miniature poodle that I hated but he sure loved Jay. He followed him around the house crawling on his belly just like Jay. One day, I asked my mil where Jay was. We freaked out as neither of us had him, he wasn't in his crib or anywhere in the bedrooms, living room, dining room, bathroom, tv room or kitchen. We knew he couldn't have gotten out, but we looked on the back screened in porch and then outside. I gotta tell you I was freaking out. We went back through the whole house and he was not there. I was getting ready to call the police, when my mil started laughing and told me to come here. There was Jay, his chubby little body stuck behind the couch. He had followed Buddy through the opening between the couch and the wall and Buddy got through, but fatso didn't and was stuck. The thing is, he didn't cry out or make a sound at all he was just working that fat little behind to try and get out!

Jean: It is gross working on the pithog, but then money is money. The problem is, he is pretty much the oldest guy that works out there and with his bad knees, I really worry about him. He just does his job though and keeps quiet. He is senior tech out there and will be until he retires so it does have its benefits, like first pick of vacation time, time off and such. He can bump someone too, though he would never do that unless it was an emergency, but I know it is hard on him. I feel guilty sitting at home, but what can you do? I have never had a career and with us moving around never had a job for a long time except the law firm so at this age getting a job as a receptionist or secretary is pretty much out of the question. They want younger people. Besides, with my health issues it isn't feasible to work again.

Susan: I am technically stupid but give me a computer and you need research and I am your gal. If I can't find it, it doesn't exist, but you want me to connect the computer to the printer and I am sunk without being told what to do. I talked to Jay when they got home on Monday night and told him, "Well guess you have to head back to work tomorrow but at least you don't have to get out in the cold and run 17 miles in the morning." He said, "Mama, I may never run again!" Tom has run several marathons and Jay just did this for St Jude's so I doubt running will be in his exercise plan from now on. He gets his exercise from his jujitsu. I guess Jackson has started classes. She told me he wears his Kung Fu Panda tshirt I bought him on the ship to his lessons!

Well gals, I need to start on the ole morning chores and clean the kitchen. Have a great middle of the week! Faye
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