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I had to look up the six degrees of separation too. We've been having this warm weather also. I'm loving it. Even have the air condition on although I don't think it's ran but a couple of times. My sister and her hubby went to see Lincoln and really liked it. I usually wait for the dvd to come out. I hate going to a movie theater. It's to loud for me to enjoy--guess I could take ear plugs. It's that time of the year for our evaluations also. Luckily our bosses do that and we don't have to.

Wow, 12 dollars for a bacon cheese burger! That would have to be a treat for me once in a while. Bet they had Wisconsin cheese on it though. Yum.

It was a slothful day for me today and it rained. So I took a nap. My neighbor came and cleaned house. It looks so good.
I rode the bike last night for three miles which was only 14 minutes. Tonight I'm going to ride the bike and do some floor exercises. I've given up on logging my food. I did go on line and found a beginner's Biggest Loser dvd. I'll do that when it gets here. It has Harper and Dolvett.
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