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Good Morning, Flowers! It's a beautiful sunny day, but still breezy and cooler with a high predicted for 50. I've been to church and had to start all over with my mess from yesterday. "Someone" dumped what I was working on; this new upgrade is going to drive me nuts until all the glitches are fixed. Now I have gift shop money to count and dust/fur bunnies to vacuum. Tomorrow morning the deck cat goes to the vet.

Maggie -- on losing another 2#s! You are doing so well working the program! I am so sorry Cecil is awol. I hope he comes home soon. I can imagine how worried you are!

"Gma" -- Chinese sounds good as we haven't had that in awhile. What does Jack have to do in a pithog? It sounds gross to me! I really like the yarn, it will be so pretty made up.

Susan -- We are supposed to head down into the 20s, with snow on the way, towards the weekend. From the weather map this morning it looked like the western states were getting hit again. We really need rain so the ground will freeze. I'm with your boss . . . NO patience when it comes to technology! The church secretary flips from screen to screen so fast I can't keep up with her. I'll bet you do too! Have fun at the Christmas potluck. What are you going to make?

I need to keep moving. I ordered a pair of shoes from the local shoe store so I'm hoping they come in today. Have a nice day and enjoy!

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