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Good morning, ladies! I have spring fever this day for it is already in the 70s with sunshine. A good day for a walk after the Y this afternoon.

I have a Christmas potluck luncheon tomorrow at the Y for the aquatic classes and Thursday is First Thursday Bee's meeting and dinner. Need those APs and a careful eye for sure. I'm loving my ActiveLink and it certainly has me moving more. I love to see those lights stay on and the points I earn.

Faye, Congrats to Tom and Jack II for their finish in the race. I'm going to walk a half marathon in 2013 or perish in the attempt. We have plenty of races around here so I just have to get training. That sure sounds like a nasty job that Jack has to do. I love the yarn for your new sweater. It a very pretty pattern.

Jean, it's exasperating when things don't work like they should. My boss was waiting for me this am because he could get the laptop hooked up to the project screen in the conference room. He gets flustered quick. It's hard to get in the Christmas decorating spirit when our weather is so nice. I know that is forecasted to change by the end of the week however.

Maggie, Oh my goodness! I hope Cecil makes his way home. I couldn't stand it if anything like that happened to Casper. Fortunately he doesn't want anything to do with the great outdoors. Thanks for the sharing the things you take to stay healthy. I take what you do except for E and Garlic. I'm going to add them to my regimen. You are on a roll with your weight loss. 2013 may be your goal year!

Have a wonderful day.

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