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Good morning chicks,

Hi Laura I see your little egg light on. Pushups on the barre, eh? Well that would give me the wobblies afterwards - probably give me the zombie look if I was doing the legs too Sounds like things might have not been the right temp for the breadmaking - it's a tempermental thing - a bit off and it's ruined. I'm glad to hear you warm your plastic honey bottle in warm water and not in the MICROWAVE like my Mom. Sis and I are trying to explain how bad BPAs are and why you don't want to heat plastic bottles. Had to laugh at your comment of a chair on wheels. After working in an office for so long and breaking my leg or hurting my back a few times, I was a champion office chair "roller" Only problem with bringing in an office chair with wheels is that the counters are higher and that would put me at chin height - aka Edith Ann / Lily Tomlin and I certainly could not reach the popcorn warmers - sorry folks no butter, cheddar or mix today But a great idea none the less. Did I miss something? What kind of sneakers did you get? Sounds like you get a very good workout from your classes. And boy am I envying your 70 degree temps... It was low 50's here but with the patches of snow still melting it was rather damp and felt a tiny bit mild but nowhere near what 70 would feel like.

Mel - I'm sorry the office staff is just RUINING the holiday. What a bunch of buggers. I think you should send some of the loudest, crankiest seniors to go stage a sit-in and complain Sorry to hear the sinuses are acting up. Go dump some eucalyptus beads in a pot of simmering water and breathe deep. Hopefully that won't bother you. Or just make a cup of nice tea. I would not get close to new tenants either since that mostly means more work for you. Unless of course you meet the odd off one who is a wanna be fun Worldly Chick who doesn't have access to a computer.

Shad - thank you for the very informative article on honey. Always something new to learn. Saw your post of FB this morning. Care to elaborate or should I just speculate???

I did make a cup of tea yesterday. We have a coffeemaker with dual ports. One side for coffee, the other you can put water into and it makes hot water for teas, soups, oatmeal or anything you need water in. I decided to be lazy and use the machine instead of warming water in a kettle. While the water reserviors are completely separate, it seemed to me that the hot water smelled and tasted faintly of coffee - such like you'd get if you put water in a coffee pot and had not rinsed it first. Totally ruined the tea and good honey for me :P DH was delighted that I made him a tea also and when I commented on the odd taste, he said he didn't notice anything and it was good tea for him. Sometimes I get a taste or smell in my head that I swear is real and DH says is not there. cue Arnold Swarzeneggar saying "it's NOT a brain tumoh..."

I don't remember what I did yesterday but I blew most of the day away. Oh yeah, DH and I went to a local diner (actually it's a 45 minute trip each way). Monday is Burger Monday day where they grind their own meat and the only thing they serve is burgers. I'd been wanting to try it. DH got a cheddar bacon burger and I got a cheddar burger topped with cole slaw (southern style). I was shocked when we got the bill - DH's burger alone was $12. Mine was $10. Plus extra for french fries and we split a chocolate malt because if you can believe it I've never had one in my life - on the rare occasions I have one, it's always a chocolate milk shake. We only had 1/3 of the malt because we were stuffed from the burgers and fries. The bill with tip came to $40. And while good, we won't be running back there for that any more. Came home, watched some TV, chatted with Mom for a bit and then I killed 2 hours on the Internet. I think I want to try my hand at drawing and painting with watercolor pencils. I found a couple of online sites that give basic lessons - you can always buy some courses too. Then I was searching to try and find the best prices on a set of pencils, paper and a basic introductory course. Turns out Amazon had the best prices (as usual) over the craft places - even with their discounts. The problem with the craft stores is that they only give one discount. Either you get a percent off or you get free shipping. One pretty much cancels the other so that's disappointing. Anyway I should have my supplies in 2 days. And that will be my Christmas present this year. I can work on that while DH is off ice fishing

We were thinking of taking a ride into Duluth - DH wants to check some things out at the home improvement store but now he's not sure what he wants to do for the day. Doesn't matter to me, I have things to do one day, the other is open for doing something else so I'll just pick one over the other.

With that I am off, hope you all have a good day.
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