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Good morning girls! It is a balmy 68 degrees here this morning but we are supposed to get thunderstorms all day and into the late evening today. Jack had to work overtime last night so we had chinese takeout for dinner. It is always nice as I get lowmein usually and split it into a couple meals.

Jack just left for work about 10 minutes ago and said he has to work out on the pithog again today. Think of Andrew Jackson on those flatbottom boats and how they got across the river with the big poles in the water and the ropes over their head to pull them across. Well, that is what they use to get out to the pithog only instead of a river, this is basically a sewage lake. I hate it when he has to work out in the middle of that for falling in could be deadly. He worked out there all day yesterday and still has more to do today and in the rain to boot, all for a paycheck!

I am working on T's final sock today and hope to make some big progress so I can then go on to other things. I found a beautiful sleeveless sweater pattern to make for the cruise next year. I am posting the pic and the yarn I want to buy. I think the yarn looks very tropical. A nice pair of light gray or white pants would look great with it I think.

Jean: Sorry you had such trouble with the church counting. I can sure feel for you as I remember the missionary payments driving me bonkers when I did it. Yes, I use an Excel spreadsheet to do my budget. Jack taught me how to use Excel years ago and I know some of the functions like to add or subtract but nothing extensive. I have a system where the budget is all in black. When I pay a bill I color it to red or green or whatever. I then know what still has to be paid or for example at the end of the month sometimes Jack gets his city check and a few days later his Navy retirement. So, I will highlight the bills being paid on his city check like red and his Navy retirement bills in blue and when they are paid change them all to purple as they are paid. I never forget anything this way. I will be glad when our mortgage is paid off. We haven't got a lot of years left but we will have eternal maintenance fees! I hate calling them that as they don't maintain anything.

Maggie: Congrats on the loss, that's great! I take a Centrum Silver 50+ for women and 1600 mg calcium, a low dose aspirin and a probiotic as my supplements then 3 different bp meds so I choke down 7 pills every morning and another calcium in the afternoon. The calcium and vitamin a huge too. I want to get a nice big sifter. I have one of those little ones, the old style that you crank the handle. Problem is, you can only put about a cup at a time in those things.

Well girls, sounds like my first load of laundry is done though with this washer I am liable to start to walk in there and hear it going again. It does a great job but is a weird washer! :lol You all have a nice day today! Faye
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