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My vacation started on Saturday. I'll go back to work on Sunday.

Glad you had a nice outing to go see the Festival of Lights.

Yes, I did get both my Christmas bonus at work and the one I had at the bank. I think the reason that I'm in a mild Christmas spirit is that I'm not as depressed as I once was.

It's sad to think that the seniors do not want to have a gift exchange. Sometimes a simple Christmas card will do to get them is the spirit of things.

I like that saying. Maybe I should put it up at the water plant.

My vacation started Saturday and I'm beginning to feel less stressed.
It was beautiful today so I decided to get outside and mulch the leaves. Think I started a chain reaction as I heard other lawn mowers start up.
My neighbors down the street must have been coming to my neighbors next door but she was gone. They stopped and asked me to take them uptown. Actually thought I'd stop what I was doing and take them as they told me they needed to go then. I told them I was going to finish and then I was going to rest an hour. I told them I would but after that. The went somewhere else and stopped back by--hoping that I jump up and take them. I stood my ground. While they were sitting there I told them this was my vacation for me and me only. If they come back I'm not accepting visitors.
Watched Santa Clause 3 with Tim Allen late this afternoon.
My neighbor is supposed to come and clean tomorrow. I'm going to have to say no to her also if she ask again this month to clean. It's only been two weeks since she's cleaned. And I'm saying no to her tomorrow if she want to use the lawn mower to mulch her leaves. The lawn mower needs a new handle.
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