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ok, carrot man is continually dancing so I guess I'm good to go

Now that I refreshed I can see Laura posted too. Lemme go read up...

Oh and Annie - I love the idea of dropping snowflakes at the wedding. Must have been lovely...

Laura - I guess I must make bread seasonally since it seems like my yeast has always expired when I'm in the mood to make a loaf - been thinking about the wonderful smell of a fresh loaf lately Last week at the Girls Night Out shopping party I picked up a box of the Pampered Chef bread mix - love it made with a can of ginger ale or beer. I'm glad you finally got BF's attention before you tried climbing in the window and he'd have to hit you with a broom I think ladies have keener ears or maybe the guys just tune so much out that they don't hear what they should I call it "forgot to listen and or care...." Sounds like the last bookclub meeting was fun with both the discussion and the ornament exchange. That's a pretty neat idea to discuss the book and then see the movie and compare. I vaguely remember that I saw the movie too and thought Kathy Bates did an outstanding job of bringing Delores to life. Enjoy.

Michelle - Festival of Trees sounded like fun - glad you got to go and see it. I guess if this is going to be your last Christmas in Wisconsin, you'd better soak up the snow - to me it's not Christmas if it's 60 degrees outside - except for you Shad where Christmas is in summer I understand how busy you are, just post when you can - always good to hear from you.

Mel - kinda sad that the oldsters don't want to do an exchange - could be fun but there's always a bunch of Crabby Appleton spoilers Do you do the craft things anymore? Haven't heard you talk about them very much. Do you have a tree up in the lobby or is it too windy in there? LOL on the Grumpy Old Men - I'm sure there's a bunch of them on the lake fishin' - especially if I was to go there and heaven forbid - talk - when I went out with DH. I don't understand the appeal of sitting on a thick bed of ice and being quiet staring at a hole

Shad - is it nice and quiet today with the drama queen gone? Maybe you could actually get something done. So I'm taking it that there are better honeys than the Leatherwood - I'll keep looking. I was a bit put off as they say some people remarket the honey and heat it which ruins the good properties of honey. If nothing else we have a local apiary which my sister absolutely loved. At least then you know what you're getting. Your description of the rainstorm reminded me of Memphis - never saw it rain so hard. Then the sun comes out and the steamy humidity creeps in.

Ceejay - not really possible to sit down at work. There is a chair in the corner but it's high and hard to get into and they have a stool but it seems the minute you sit, someone comes into the store. Once in a while when I work on some computer stuff, I can sit on that chair for a bit and give my feet a rest. Glad you had a good trip to visit the uncles. Are you off for a few days more now? I know what you mean about the clothing styles - they seem to forget there is more than one body type buying clothes. Most seems to be made for tall, skinny young girls with very fitted clothes. Reminds me of the 70's where everything was tiny and stylish and if you were above a size 11/12 - it was polyester frumpy hhe-lll. I've been looking for some winter pullover sweaters as a change of pace and not finding anything out there. I guess you'll run across something when you're not really looking for anything

I think I'm going to do some house cleaning and get some of the decorations up. I have 3 days off and that's the biggest block of time I'll have to myself until Christmas so I need to make the most of it. I'm debating about sending out cards - alot of people have just given up on it. Guess I'll mull it over as I'm setting out the decorations.

Yummm DH just made some toast and the smell is wafting up here into the loft area. Makes me hungry - think I'll snitch a piece when he's not looking Have a good one ladies...
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