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Good morning fine ladies of the world,

I have 3 days off feels like vacation. I did go in yesterday and only had 1 little bitty sale and that was right as I was calling the owner after sitting there for 4 hours doing nothing. Closed up and went home - what a waste of time. Across the street from the store is a hot dog place with yummy hot dogs, Chicago style Italian beef and Italian sausage sandwiches. I have gotten to know the owner quite well since it's often been a quick lunch or dinner for me when working. She came over Saturday and hand delivered my dinner and told me that she is closing her business for good this week. I was so sad - I will miss her and her food. I also hate to see any business close down here. Her's is the 4th restaurant to have closed this year and I am starting to notice that many businesses have For Sale signs on the properties. This is a seasonal town and it's really hard making a go of things year round. Ours is the bigger town that everyone comes to, would hate to see this become one of the ghost towns like the smaller communities around us. I guess people are also dependent on the snowmobiliers and hunters business and so far, we're not getting much snow either. Right now it's very very foggy out - so much so that I'm glad I have groceries to tide me over and I'm planning on hanging out here at least today and tomorrow. Was thinking of dinner at a local diner since we've been trying to catch "Burger Monday" for a few weeks, but if it's dense fog, we'll stay home.

Annie - the wedding sounded like it was absolutely gorgeous - so happy for all that it was a good day. Good that the ex stayed in the backdrop where he belonged. So sad that he did not even speak to his own daughter. Guess that's why he's an ex, right. But the important thing is that it was a good and special day for the wedded couple. Nice that Dad had some fun too. Ok, I am having issues with one of the advertisements and my post again. I am typing in advanced mode so I see a subset of smilies on the side of my post. The dancing carrot occasionally freezes, then starts dancing again and I am having issues typing. Going to post this and refresh and try again.
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