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Morning all. In the 60's today, but sprinkly. The winter weather can wait as far as I'm concerned!

Ceejay – You must be in the Christmas spirit because you got a bonus check, right? So how’s vacation so far?? It’s not your body, it’s the styles available that don’t flatter. Not only are there still skinny jeans, but now they are brightly colored – nothing like highlighting that part of the body! Those are for very few women (or should be), perhaps just pre-teens, LOL. There are alternatives to squats, such as doing leg extensions while wearing ankle weights, or doing the machines at the gym. As long as you don’t overdo on the reps or the weight and your form is correct, you can work your quads safely somehow, just remember Rule #1 – if it hurts, STOP!

Shad – OMG, that’s horrible about the boy being taken by the croc. Stay out of the water!! Love that quote about the chill pill!!!

Mel – Yes, when I think of ice-fishing, I think of the movie “Grumpy Old Men”. I also think of an episode of Frasier. I also think of the NPR radio show "Prairie Home Companion" and the host whatshisname’s monolog “The News from Lake Woebegon”. Re trying to get in the house - bf said that perhaps the reason he didn’t hear the knocking/doorbell was that my brother had phoned and he didn’t pick up the phone, so the answering machine kicked in (right on the nightstand next to him) and my brother’s voice (rather loud, I agree) drowned everything out! I wasn’t quite at the point of having to break into the house, I was just going to rap loudly on the bedroom window closest to him... We had a Secret Santa in the department last year and I’m crossing my fingers they don’t want to do it again. I feel no closer to the other half of our joined department than I did last year this time.

Michelle – Sorry you had to spend a lot of your weekend working. At least you had time for relaxation on Sunday. The Festival of Trees sounds so nice! I love checking out holiday decorations. Bf and I have a couple tickets to the Omnimax theater at the Museum of Science & Industry to use before year’s end, so we should be able to see the MSI’s “Christmas Around the World” exhibit when we go there. We miss you here too, but right now work has got to come first!! Come visit when you can.

Annie – The wedding sounds like it was wonderful! Glad you had such a nice time. Love the snowflakes being dropped – all the more memorable because of the unseasonally warm weather you had. I bet C will also get teary when you two wed…
Nothing much to report for me. We didn’t get the lights/décor up yesterday and bf and I argued about that. I pointed out that the weather might not be quite as nice today or tomorrow and he’ll have to do it on his own as well…whatever. He probably wants the weather to be crummy and to do it on his own so that he can complain about it. Whatever…

I decided to try making a loaf of wheat bread in the bread machine yesterday, but the yeast must have been an old packet. It didn’t rise and it came out like a brick. I will try again with fresh yeast. And fresher wheat flour for that matter. Our instant read thermometer went out and the display is still intermittently out even after changing the battery. It was a cheapo unit, so we’ve decided to buy a nicer one. We still have $$ on a Williams-Sonoma gift card, so we’ll go there for it.

I walked doggy, did a couple loads of laundry, and ordered my sneakers. We watched some tv and that was about it for yesterday.

Nothing planned tonight. My legs are still sore, but I should do an exercise class, or maybe go to the gym. We’ll see. I’ve decided I’ll probably skip the movie night on Tuesday, especially since I’m going to watch Delores Claiborne with the book club on Friday.
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