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Originally Posted by fitgirl2012 View Post
Well, I did get my first P90x workout in today after all. I did a little over 65 minutes...doing Chest and Back and Ab ripperX. Wow, I know that I will be very sore tomorrow! I am so much weaker than I was 4 months ago. The Ab workout was even difficult for me!!

Tomorrow is Plyo...

In phase 3, am I correct in having my big breakfast (which has been 1 c strawberries, 6 oz Greek yogurt, 1 hb egg, 1 whole English muffin with 1 TBLSP peanut butter), then 8 oz of protein & 2 c. Of veggies for lunch, and another 8 oz of protein & 2 c of veggies for dinner, with my evening IP snack(no restricted)? I'm just wondering if this is too much food...
Hi Fitgirl,
If your calorie count for your P3 breakfast was around 400 calories give or take, then you are fine. just watch the carb sources so that you follow the protocol and you're all good. your P3 day looks like my day, and my coach said I could have any IP snack, including restricteds. I believe LizzRR put the calorie guidelines for P2 and P3 up, but I dont remember the thread name. But I do remember that p2 is roughly 1100 calories a day, and P3 is around 1400 cals a day. each phase adds 300 calories from the 800 cal guideline for P1. WHen you get to maintenance, your calorie/nutrition should be based on your individual needs, and not according to the protocol sheet.

I had my first fun day today. Not too crazy.....had a p3 breakfast, then 2 fajitas at lunch with whole wheat tortillas, and 3 pieces of a small pizza for dinner with a 1 cup serving of blue bell light ice cream. I haven't eaten that much in forever, it feels like, but I felt like I ate a month's worth of food!! LOL I'm ready for a P1 day tomorrow.
Thanks for the workout info. Time for me to motivate!!!! Have a great week!
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