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Guess I got lost in the personals yesterday. Can't think straight these days. Got one of the project members who lives downstairs from me doing the DRAMA QUEEN thing and I just let her rant and rave in between stuffing slices of cheese, biscuit and tomato down her throat. She is off to Katherine today and tomorrow so don't have to worry about it for a couple of days.
Keep calm and carry on stuffing the chicken while the words pour over my head.

Mary - good to see you on board again even if it is a once a month only check in. Patty should be in soon too I guess.

Happy - the Christmas tree stand will be in the last box you look into. After that you stop looking Tasmanian Leatherwood honey - well at least it was Tasmanian. Good Food place the little island.
Keep calm and see if that p*sses the sister off.

Mel - I came back. Wouldn't mind being in the surf at the moment. BUT, there is crocodiles out there, some kid got taken by one over the weekend. It is darned hot here and the thunder clouds are building up again. Guess we will get another 'Darwin shower' shortly. Think 10 mins under the shower on the top blast force and you have a Darwin Shower. Don't last for long but an awful lot of water falls from the sky. The winds blow and the humidity climbs, then everything carries on much as before.
Keep calm and hold the umbrella steady.

Ceejay - our problem is that we have a whole lot of chiefs and not enough indians. Everyone runs around telling someone else what to do and little gets done. I've been 'invited' to a meeting tomorrow that will provide no benefit to anything at all. And to top it off, the other half of the equation will not be there and the 'organiser' is not inviting any of the people who should be involved. Stupidity reigns supreme.
Keep calm and let them think they are the boss.

Okay - seems like I might have run out of people. I hope Annies wedding went off okay and the g/f of the ex didn't get to stroppy or at least Annie did not get too stroppy. Always where there are people gathered for a happy time (and sometimes for a sad time as well) there is those who would spoil the party. That's life.
Keep calm and and avoid the fallout

Right - going now. Have work to do, orders given which will no doubt get changed tomorrow, and I am removing myself out to Highway House to get out of the direct firing line. I can ignore e-Mail.
Keep calm and pretend to work while reading facebook and the 3FC

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