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Originally Posted by fitgirl2012 View Post
Well, I did get my first P90x workout in today after all. I did a little over 65 minutes...doing Chest and Back and Ab ripperX. Wow, I know that I will be very sore tomorrow! I am so much weaker than I was 4 months ago. The Ab workout was even difficult for me!!

Tomorrow is Plyo...

In phase 3, am I correct in having my big breakfast (which has been 1 c strawberries, 6 oz Greek yogurt, 1 hb egg, 1 whole English muffin with 1 TBLSP peanut butter), then 8 oz of protein & 2 c. Of veggies for lunch, and another 8 oz of protein & 2 c of veggies for dinner, with my evening IP snack(no restricted)? I'm just wondering if this is too much food...
I believe you are correct. I started phase 3 today and have been reading and rereading the sheet. My coach did say that the IP snack can be a restricted if I am exercising.
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