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I'm back home after a nice visit with the uncles. One uncle couldn't make it due to a pulled hamstring.

My aunt and I went shopping afterwards. I tried on a couple of tops but my body shape is to outta whack for any type style right now. It's time to get serious again with the weight loss.

Thanks for checking in. We miss you when you don't post.

Thanks for starting the new thread. Luckily I know where my Christmas stuff is and I'm getting it out of storage tomorrow. My small apt. doesn't need a lot to make it festive but I do like some Christmas decorations. This is the first year in a long time that I have some Christmas spirit.

Can you sit down for while there is no customers? And possibly start cleaning a bit early if there are no customers.

I like the title of the exercise class. I hate squats mainly because of the knees. I'm trying to modify some of my excerise dvd's. but they are still a bit much.

Are things getting a bit better at work?
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