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Morning ladies.

Mel - Thanks for getting is started with a new thread. I just flipped the fridge calendar page. Glad all has been quiet in the building. Sorry you couldn't find the Christmas tree. Well, someone else probably stowed it away, and that's your excuse, and the movers stored Happy's stand, and that's her excuse. I sure hope we can find all our stuff- we'll have no excuse. Then we're left with blaming each other!! Love those wintery pics you posted. Reminds me that i want to somehow figure out if the Barbara Stanwyck movie "Christmas in Connecticut" will be aired somewhere on cable this year - one of my faves.

Happy- Sorry the job isn't working out- too many hours & hard on the body & the payback isn't worth it. . Hope you can stick it out for the month. Any possibility the other employee can take some is the hours? Or will the logistics not allow it?? I like Mel's idea about painting a stand, but maybe it'll be satisfactory enough to put out all the tabletop & other decor. I love the tree, but a big part of that is enjoying the glow of the colored lights, and if I couldn't have the tree I'd certainly try to string lights somewhere. The white tree does sound lovely though... Can't wait to hear some ice fishing stories!!

Ceejay- Hope you're enjoying your time at the uncles'.

Shad - never much thought about how honeys differ based on the nectars - how interesting. I have to say that I'm not much into honey, but I can't say I've ever given it much of a chance. Maybe I should stop trying to find my perfect tea & find the perfect honey with which to flavor it, lol. Lol, getting Happy's sis hooked on the good stuff, spoiling her for the common domestic variety, haha.

Annie - How was the wedding??

Hi Mary!!
No longer morning here. Cleaned the kitchen in anticipation of bf's mom coming for Sunday dinner, but she was out & about yesterday & tired herself out & begged off. Kitc hen would have been cleaned anyway, but now it's sooner rather than later, lol.

Yesterday started with me arriving in the rec Plex Parking lot only to realize I'd taken the car keys out of my purse & left the purse at home leaving me with no punchcard or drivers ' license. I went back home to wait for the next class. When I got home without house keys, bf didn't hear my knocks or doorbell ringing (or dog barking, for Pete's sake). I went into the backyard to go to the bedroom window, and who should I find but our puppy neighbor, come to visit again.

I did get back to a class at the rec Plex- get this class title: "4G: guts, guns, glutes & glory". but 5G might be more correct because my gams are really feeling it today from all the squats we did!! Good workout, just wish it started earlier and not at 10:40 am.

After lunch, i tried on shoes & I think I found some sneakers that will work for me. I'd feel good about shopping locally if the price weren't much, MUCH less expensive online! I'll probably order them today.

I made two batches of brownies, one sans nuts for the book club & one w pecans for bf. both turned out well. I left the remaining plain brownies at book club but I wish I'd remembered to take my platter home. Hopefully I'll get it back this week - I'll have a couple opportunities.

Book club was fun - not an excess amount of kid/mom talk, and there was even some book talk! We all liked it & are looking forward to getting together Friday to watch the movie version. The ornament exchange was fun too, some very cute ornaments.

Well, probably should get busy with getting the outdoor lights & decor out & hung before we get more rain. Off to get dressed.

Everyone have a great Sunday/Monday. TTFN.

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