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Good Sunday mornin' kids,

Foggy one here. Last night DH came to pick me up from the store and while it wasn't bad in town, I was amazed at the thick fog once we got to the forested area. Couldn't see more than a couple of feet in front of us on our road. At least it wasn't icy. Still a big foggy this morning. Snow is slowly melting but we need Mr. Sun to finish the job because if this stuff freezes in it's current state, it's going to be miserable.

Yesterday was a LONG workday. 1 to 8:45pm. My feet were complaining loudly. I did a nice foot soak, talked to Mom for a bit, took some Motrin PM and I was in bed 2 hours after I walked in the door. Today is another work day. She's got us both pretty booked up this month. I'm working one day on, 2 days off and working the weekends so 4 days a week. My coworker is doing even more which is fine by her - she really needs as much money as she can get. DH is thinking about getting gear to do ice fishing - the walleye is SO GOOD in the winter. That will cost a bit of money for the auger to drill the hole in the ice, the warming tent you need to sit on the lake, a propane heater and of course the fishing gear. I decided I will work the longer schedule this month and pretty much give him all my pay as a Christmas present to get his fishing gear. Not so sure I will sit with him out there - at least not in the winter - but I said I'd give it a try. I do like to eat the fish tho.

Mel - I'm starting to think that this year I just do the small fiber optic tree again along with some festive decorations on the mantle, tables and furniture tops But thanks for the painting suggestion. Did you find your shorts and skinny t-shirts? Beware of "headlights" --- it's not THAT warm out there but maybe you will get the maintenance guys attention in finding that tree Love the picture of the ice skates - memories of long ago. Now I'd be afraid I'd fall down and 1) never be able to get up again and 2) break things beyond all repair Maybe skates with an aluminum walker to stay upright - I'm sure the thing will slide nicely if we put the half tennis balls on the feet of the walker. Enjoy your movies today.

Shad - I was thinking of some Tasmanian Leatherwood honey. I know that's not Kiwi - hard to find the authentic stuff on this side of the globe. Sister tends to drink it mostly in tea so not sure how well strong floral notes work with that. Laughed at your comment that we should get her hooked on the good stuff Hope you come to a good decision on the job front. I can imagine it's like juggling to decide what's best - walk away from the goofiness or just shrug it off and take the paycheck. Never an easy decision.

Hello Mary, thanks for checking in. Hope your team wins the game.

Time for me to go stand in the hot shower and bask for a few minutes. Have a good Sunday chicks.
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