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Morning all,
Went shopping and marketing yesterday and probably spent more than I should have. But I have enough to keep me going for the next couple of weeks and there is only about 3 weeks of this contract to go. Whether or not they will extend is still up for debate. Whether or not I will extend is still up for debate as well. Nothing much else going on in the world of training so I need to think fairly carefully about this.

Well my beloved All Blacks lost last night for the first time in 20 games in a row. It had to happen sometime and it was the last game in a very long season for them. Today Mr McCawesome starts his sabbatical.
Happy - funny you should talk about honey. At the markets 2 weeks ago, I found some Top End honey flavoured with the local flora. There was Bloodwood Honey (sort of red) Blackbutt honey ( I think) and Waterlily honey which is a very pale clear honey with a very delicate flavour. Would be lovely over a good vanilla icecream or some of Maggie Beers Vanilla Bean and Elderflower icecream. I bought some for my friend Chris who is looking after my garden. The lady I bought it from tells me that they don't know for sure that it is from waterlilies but that they are the only flower for miles around where the beehives that give that particular honey are situated. Seems like I need to stockpile honey for when I come over next. I'll look out for some good stuff. We should get her hooked just because she is your sister.

Ceejay - enjoy your vacation.

Michelle - hope you are getting a relaxing weekend in.

Be back with more personals shortly. Meantime I have a couple of other type of personal things to do so will be back after that. I'm going to post so I don't lose the post so far.
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