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Since people occasionally ask me about what diet plan I follow I thought I would just put a post here and then link it in my signature. I don't believe in a diet plan. I prefer the words "Way Of Eating" (WOE) because it's how I've eaten for the last couple years and plan to follow this for the rest of my life. In my opinion as you're losing weight you should be trying to determine what your own WOE is going to be. Losing weight is easy, keeping it off is the hard part.

Keep in mind this is my maintinence plan, not how I lost weight. However if I had to do it again I would follow the below plan as well, just a more restrictive version. It simply works for me and my lifestyle.

Before I tell you what I do I'll tell you why I do it. I follow this plan because I'm not willing to give up any of the foods I like to eat. I like eating delicious food. I find eating very pleasurable. Going to a decent resturaunt and having a wonderful calorie laden meal is enjoyable. I enjoy drinking alchohol. A nice glass of wine or a well crafted beer is something I enjoy. Since I'm not willing to give up these enjoyable things I've had to come up with a way to work around it.

I follow a set of unstrict rules and very loosely monitor calories Monday - Thursday. I intermittent fast daily which is a fancy way of saying I don't eat breakfast - except vary rarely.* I eat fairly strict during the week and then I loosen up over the weekend. When I eat a little to much one day, I eat a little less the next. I don't track macro nutrients, at all. I do love meat so I'm sure I'm getting plenty of protein.

Roughly I need about 2800 calories a day to maintain my weight based on my size and activity level. During the week I only eat about 2000 calories a day, on average. Because I usually only eat twice a day there isn't much to keep track of. This gives me the ability to eat more over the weekend and not worry about it.

It's a very simple plan and it works for me. I don't own a scale but I weigh myself once a week at the gym.

*I used to be ready to eat my arm if I didn't have food by 10:00 AM. I heard about intermittent fasting and thought I would give it a try. It took only a couple weeks to adjust. So if you're thinking about giving intermittent fasting a try you're in the right place.
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