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Good morning ladies. I have paid bills, did a load of laundry and put it in the dryer and will unload and reload the dishwasher when I get done here. I want to get upstairs and clean bathrooms this morning but at the moment my knees are not cooperating.

The family will be here sometime tomorrow evening, but half the family that lives in Memphis is sick. My daughter now has a hum dinger of a cold and was going to fix dinner tomorrow night. She ask me to call around to see about take out pasta, but I don't know what she wants and am waiting to hear from her. I imagine it is for the guys to bulk up on carbs before the race on Saturday otherwise why not just order pizza or something? I am hoping she responds back to me this morning.

I read another of my free bookbub books and enjoyed it very much. Of course our stupid huge library doesn't have any ebooks of this author nor do they have any of the Anne George books on ebooks. Ahh well. I still have about 75 books on my Kindle I can read.

Maggie: Sounds like you guys are keeping busy. Jack hasn't shaken his cold yet but he is coming along. I think one of the biggest uses for the neck bandanas was to keep dust out of their mouths and noses when it was windy on a trail drive. You're right though, they used those things for just about anything you would use a towel, hankerchief, etc for.

Well girls nothing much shaking in my world. Hope you all have a great Thursday. Faye
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