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I just want to jump in a bit here about being hungry.
1. What re you eating? processed foods or foods more in the natural state?
2. Are you really hungry or just bored, depressed blah blah..and just need to find something to do and occupy you head?

IMO I tend to feel really hungry or hungry way too soon if I eat refined carbs, or foods high in sugar. If I stick to more basic foods such as, fresh fruit, veggies, protein like chicken breast, tuna, beans, egg whites, I seem satisfied longer and it is not my number one focus all the time.

Don't get me wrong I have those days, if I eat a slice (or two) of pizza...yowza I am hungry in less than an hour for another slice which of course I eat. I learned for me to recognize that and plan for it.

AS for a detox/cleanse program...if you listen to your body it does a great job of taking care of all that by itself without the need for chemicals. Our bodies are pretty amazing working machines LOL

Goal one 10lbs by Thanksgiving -- missed met Dec 5
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Goal four 25lb by Feb 21, 2017 (spouses birthday) -- March 5
Goal five 30 lb by March 20, 2017--well it was wishful thinking...still waiting
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