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"Gma" -- I'm glad you have a doctor appt. set but wish you could go in sooner. Your situation makes me appreciate being 3 minutes away from mine, and able to get in (usually) the same day. Imo it should the guy who told everyone to go home early that should be in trouble and made to work all day on Christmas Eve, not the rest of the guys. What kind of washer did you get?

Maggie -- You were the queen of cooking today! Bob cut up the Snickers candy bars for me tonight and I will add the apples in the morning. I'd like to make different salads for Christmas but know the kids really like the Snickers Salad best. If you lived closer I would hire you to make "meals on wheels" for us!

I am heading off to bed to read for a bit. It's still 57 degrees here tonight! I think we set a record as the weatherman said it got up to 67 today.

I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy!
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