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Afternoon girlies! I do apologize for not getting in here everyday, but sometimes I just don't do much but sit. I couldn't get an appt with the doctor until December 19th (because of only one car, I have to have a morning appt so I can have time to go get Jack) and it is early, 8 AM but I don't care about the time. That's another month of waiting then having to wait until after the first of the year no matter what we do if it involves the hospital as Jack has no time off.

The plant manager always lets the guys leave early for the day before Thanksgiving and Christmas and so one of the guys comes into the breakroom at 11:30 and tells them he just came from the admin building and Mike (the plant manager) says they can go home. So 99% of the guys except supervisors up and go home. Around 45 minutes later, Jack's boss calls and asks him who told him he could go home. Apparently, the boss had his undies in a wade because people went home and he didn't authorize it. They were given a choice to come back in or take vacation time. Jack ended up having to take half a bonus day he just earned he was going to use for Christmas. His boss said they would sort it out on Monday. Jack says now he thinks the plant manager will make them work all day on Christmas Eve. The thing is, he has always let them go home after their lunch break, which usually is a carry in and over by 11:30 anyway, but he is peeved about it so I guess he was ranting and raving because pretty much everyone went home.

Maggie: Your hubby finds the craziest things in his "travels" around. The shopping cart sounds cute. Yes, I would imagine glasswork would take specifics with regard to sodering. Ole metal on metal isn't such a big deal or wiring either for that matter. Jack can hardly soder anymore because his left hand shakes so badly now. He has had a shaking hand since he was a kid, but it has gotten worse in his senior years and holding soder just doesn't work for him anymore, at least having it look good.

Jean: It is gorgeous here today around 70 degrees. I told Jack I feel like a recluse because I don't like leaving home because I feel bad all the time. We had to go out and buy the washer today and I had to push myself to get a shower and dressed and such to do that. I was so quivery (don't know if that is a word ) that I almost couldn't step into the bathtub to take a shower. I took some Advil when I was dressed and I am ok for the time being. We got a coupon from a restaurant for our anniversary where they gave us entree free so we are using it this evening as I was feeling rotten on our anniversary.

Well you all, I may not get in here tomorrow at all so want to wish you all a very I hope you enjoy it with family or friends. Faye
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