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Good Morning, Flowers! It's another beautiful morning in my neighborhood! The sun is shining, a slight breeze, and 50 degrees -- I won't complain a bit. We are one day closer to spring w/o snow! Church money balanced the first time and I picked up the gift shop money on my way home. There are a couple of bills to pay so I will be making a return trip either this afternoon or tomorrow.

"Gma" -- I was glad to see your bright and shiney post this morning! I'm sorry you have been feeling so lousy. I hope you can get a gyn appt. sooner rather than having to wait. I'm trying to convince Will to go for an earlier appt. for his surgery. He's been on the internet and has spooked himself with all the "what ifs . . . ." When does Jay and family arrive?

I need to count more money so will check back later. Have a great day!
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