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Good Afternoon, Flowers! It's been a sunny, windy 60 degree day in my neighborhood today. We only had one church service today; Bob's group sang, it was pledge Sunday, and we had a brunch afterwards. Lots of "regulars" were no-shows and there was only one gal running the kitchen for the catered brunch. Bob and I helped clean up after we ate. There was a whole committee to help her but none of them showed up. I've just been putzing this afternoon. After being gone two days in a row I have no ambition to do much. I did do a couple loads of laundry and the dw is now running.

Susan -- It sounds like you've been having fun sewing and socializing! Sioux City has a huge Christmas tour of homes where decorators come in and decorate the homes. This year the homes were the huge fancy ones, along the Missouri Rive, that had to be rebuilt after the flood a year ago. One year Beth was a guide and we went; it was so fun. I used to decorate more than I do now; I really need to sort through my stuff and get rid of what I don't use any more. I always have good intentions!

Maggie -- Beth was having trouble with her phone dialing numbers on its own! She finally took it into the store and somehow a setting got changed that allowed that to happen. We just found out Will has to have sinus surgery. He has been having trouble with upper respitory infections all fall. The window covering I wanted, drapes with the gromets at the top, won't work because my doors are too wide and need a center bracket which won't allow the gromets to slide. I really liked my vertical blinds but supposedly they aren't in style any more, according to the store decorator. We came home with nothing except to think about a Plan B, C, or D! I hope you can get a new soldering iron asap!

"Gma" -- Where have you been? We have missed you!

I need to fold some towels and get another load started. Tomorrow it is church counting, gift shop counting, clutter control, and I have card club in the evening. Enjoy the rest of your day and evening!
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