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Good Morning, Flowers! It's a cooler morning, but the sun is shining, and NO wind . . . yet. We are heading to Sioux City as soon as Bob gets home. He is at WM getting a money order. Long story for later!

Maggie -- I have learned if I see something I want, need, or like to think about before buying, I get it when I see it. Otherwise the item is usually gone when I go back. Glad you have your Santas! I will wrap Ian's gifts and make my salad later this afternoon. The main reason for our SC jaunt is to look for some sort of window covering, a SAMs stop, and pick up peanut brittle from Bob's hometown church. We divy the boxes up and give away most of it.

I have some laundry to fold and put away before we leave. Hope you all have a nice day!
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