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Lightbulb Any Fruitarian Or "high Carb Raw Vegans" Here?

Hey ladies!!!

I'm just wondering if their are any fruit based raw vegans or "fruitarians" or even anyone doing the Dr McDougall diet?

I still have about 50 lbs left, I started at 255 and I'm now at 150 from going vegan, and then Low Fat Cooked Vegan, and now I'm doing 100% high carb raw vegan, my husband eats this way too and our children are raw.

Anyways just looking for health buddies out there, or even if anyone is interested in this. I can say for myself I have a ridiculous amount of energy, and my husband who was underweight was able to gain weight. I also NEVER calorie restrict, I eat about 4200+ calories a day from fruit and organic greens.

Anyways excited to here from you guys! I'm new on this board but really want to be able to support and get support when I need it.

Peace, Love & Fruits
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