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Today is one crappy day for sure. I needed to do a bit of laundry this morning and my washer went kaputs. As I was trying to get the stuff out of the washer and deal with it, I literally had blood and blood clots just fall all over the floor in the laundry room and I made a total mess getting to the bathroom. I cannot believe what a mess I had to deal with on top of the washer stuff. I want to go back and start this day over again without the glitches.

Jean: The high brow knitters feel anything knotted does not lie correctly or some such bologna and that it doesn't look professional. I just weave in ends unless it is something that will get a lot of wear and tear then I knot and weave to make doubly sure it won't come apart with a lot of wash and wearing. I made this gorgeous peach long sleeved sweater for myself about 3 years ago and when I laid it out on the bed, discovered a whole bunch of different colors to the yarn though I had bought it all at the same time and at the same store. I went back and looked at the wrapper and found it did not have dye lots. I never buy yarn that doesn't have dye lots. This sweater is just laying upstairs in a heap in the closet as you can't wear it because it looks like it got into bleach or something as the color changes are so obvious and since it is all different shades on one skein it is useless to take it out and use it for something else. I was furious about it and told off the yarn company.

Maggie: I don't know how people sell things they knit either unless they are able to buy yarn wholesale, which you can do, but I don't want 100 skeins of the same color! That's why I don't make stuff to sell. People don't want to pay for the yarn let alone the time it takes for you to make the darn thing. I got my first knitting magazine yesterday. Kelly bought me a subscription. It has some neat sweater patterns, but for now, I have to finish what I have started. I found a cute thing though to make for a lady for a gift. You can knit her a pair of socks, then the pattern I found was to make teeny tiny socks that you put on ear pierced hooks to wear so you can have earrings and socks that match. They were so cute and the pattern I found was free. I don't have needles tiny enough at the moment, but I am going to get some and try them out.

Well Fortune wants outside so I better go. Have a nice day all. Faye
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