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Good Evening, Flowers! It was a cold sunny day, but warming up again! There wasn't much money to count this morning but it was automatic checking time so takes a little longer for me to post. I had to go back to the hospital this afternoon to turn in a check for paying a bill, get ink for my bank deposit stamper, then make copies of the payroll deduction sheets and check from the hospital which was $9.00 short on my end, and finally talking to the accountant to see if my figures were correct. They were! She was facing me across her desk and running the adding machine lickety split behind her without missing a number. I was impressed! I had a friend who used to make draperies come and help me measure the sliding doors; I want to find some sort of window covering even though there are blinds.

Maggie -- on losing another 2.6#s! We do have a Dollar General store but it is in an "old" building that used to be a grocery store. I've been in there a few times to buy birthday cards for church but otherwise always felt the prices were higher on most things that I use. I forgot to tell you that the Decorah eagles have built a new nest just beyond the old nest and out of the camera range. I read it in the newspaper a few days ago. I hope you can find the nail polish you want.

"Gma" -- Why aren't knitters supposed to tie both ends together to make a knot? The square knot wouldn't hold and I wasn't sure I wanted to use fabric glue. This yarn is the pits in that it is so loosely woven it's easy to split the threads if I'm not paying close attention. I've ripped out several rows three different times. If I would have bought the yarn from the same place, and all at one time, it would have gone back as soon as I realized what it was like. What kind of cookies are you making?

I'm thinking bed is sounding pretty good! For some reason I haven't been sleeping good and I toss 'n turn, or feel like I do. See you all tomorrow!
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