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Hi everyone -

Quick check in for me. My back is still quite sore from helping my co-worker pack/move and then moving more of my stuff. Every day the pain hits me in a new place.

Santa will be spending the daytime hours this week at the ex's house to keep Doppler company now that Mischief is gone. I went to the ex's house to take care of Doppler's meds and pick up Santa. Then took him home and we went for a walk. Will do the same tonight and tomorrow. Then since I have a late doc appt on Thursday and have to work very late on Friday, I'll leave Santa with the ex on those nights and pick him up on Saturday. I miss Santa when he's not with me at the new place...but this arrangement seems to be working out well.

DMIL is coming into town this week. It sounds like she'll be staying permanently...and the ex will go to CA in the spring to get the stuff she can't fit into a suitcase. I'll probably see her this coming weekend when I go over to pick up more stuff. Hopefully that won't be weird. We've talked a few times on the phone, and I offered to take her to see the new Twilight movie when it comes she's a big Twilight fan too. Not sure we'll go see it opening weekend, but I'll get her there.


Annie - I hope you have a nice lunch with your co-worker. Sending you lots of hugs, sweet sista.

Happy - I'll be thinking of you working in retail during Thanksgiving week. I don't even think I'll do any black Friday shopping before I go into work. I'm going to be seeing all the people I'd be buying Christmas presents for, and I don't want to have to ship the packages or get charged an extra luggage fee to transport them on the plane with me. So I'll probably just buy the presents when I get to CA. If there's a great deal on a not too big TV, I might get one for the 4-season room so that I can put the small one in the bedroom. But it's not a necessity and it might be better to save my money for the flights to CA for interviews and for the move.

Ceejay - Glad you had a productive day yesterday. Wow, you had a cold night last night too. It got down to the mid 20s where I live. We didn't have much frost though. Thank goodness.

Shad - I love the song "Total Eclipse of the Heart". I only have one neighbor in my duplex...and they're mostly really great and not loud at all. Just Sunday night when they had people over. Bummer that your skinny dipper wasn't a hottie.

Mel - I hope you get your phone soon, but that you don't get too many phone calls/alarms on it.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

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