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Ah ok, you have the old system. The Points Plus system has a totally different range - and also points for the food changed to. You can do this system, but you have to check your recipe points to see if they are calculated with the old way or not. New WW cookbooks, new online recipes, Weight Watchers Frozen dinners, etc are with the new system. If you eat any of those, you will need to calculate manually. Otherwise you'll starve to death.

All products like crackers, nuts, etc also changed points value so if you see somebody say a certain muffin is 4 points, that is probably with the new method. A lot of people write PP for points plus, but not everybody does.

Your system is just fine to use, but it can be a little more tedious if you are mingling with people on the new program. My SIL has all the old material and follows that herself and does just fine. With that said, all of us on the new program have to recalculate any old WW recipes as well!

The new program has a minimum points value of 29 per day. You are probably somewhere in the low to mid 30's on the new program. But with increased point ranges, we have the increased food ranges. They changed the formula to include fat, protein, carbs and fiber, so the more nutritious food has lower points than junk food or processed food. This way, for example, an ice cream bar and a baked potato are not equal.

I hope that makes sense! Anyway - just wanted to make sure you were aware of the changes - don't want you to short change yourself on points, you might be eating a lot less than you should be if you are using higher point calculations on the low points range.
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