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Good morning kids,

Bopping about to Annie's song this morning - thanks for that! Just what you need to wake up.

Snowy day yesterday - cold too. But there was no wind and light snow falling - I now get what my cousin calls "being inside of a snow globe". I did enjoy my 3 days off. Wish today was number 4 guess I'm over the job thing, eh? Or maybe I just joined my sisters here saying "how many more days till I'm outta here????"

Annie - have a nice lunch with your ex-coworker. Sounds like a nice break in the day. Hope your friend's new job works out well. I can't help but remember what someone told me long ago about getting excited about a new job. "Just remember - someone's new exciting opportunity is someone else's crappy job they just left" :lol3 -it sort of puts it into perspective, eh? And I hear you about the butt crack jeans. I have a pair of Lees that are comfort waist but below the belly button. I hate them because my caboose seems to always be pulling them down. That even happens to the skinny girls. I am liking my high waist Mom jeans - especially for work where I have to bend alot. Have a good day Missy - hope there's more smiles than

Mel - I hope the doorbell rings and it's your new phone BUT if your phone is your doorbell - will the box ring or will you never know I am learning to get along without a cell phone out here - in your case it's a necessity tho. I saw you had much warmer temps than us yesterday and I was jealous. Hope you got a whiff or two of fresh air and not mold from all the water around.

Shad - thank you very much for the arugala ideas. I did not get out and pick some before it snowed yesterday - hope it will be ok. And I can tell it reseeded beyond my wildest dreams and will no doubt take over the garden box if I don't trim it back in the spring. I am going to have some later this week. I also think it will make a nice accent on sandwiches. I read the info on the solar eclipse but saw that you'll only see the partial out your way. Hope it's not cloudy. I laughed at the point about all these scientists marching in to study the effects of the eclipse on the wildlife. Well... duh... when you park 6 big ships in the water and have all these scientists milling about in what would normally be a more quiet area, don't you think this will FREAK OUT THE WILDLIFE A BIT and perhaps make them act most UNNATURAL??? geez louise

Ceejay - sometimes I think we sleep through a storm not because we didn't hear it, but it's a very peaceful sound (unless the thunder is rattling the house). Many relaxation tapes use rain as a background noise. Sounds like you needed a good sleep so I hope you woke up feeling rested.

Laura - how cool is that with the deer in your yard? Wow - that's a long way from the woods. Probably one of those if you didn't see it, you wouldn't believe it kind of things. Wonder what Coal was thinking Glad you are enjoying the book - that's certainly an oldie. Your resale shop sounds most interesting. We have one in town for the Humane Society but it's got really old, dusty junk in it. Not sure where all the rich lake cabin people send their stuff when they are done looking at it - not that I need more stuff in my place anyway. Sometimes it's just fun to look.

Michelle - your job sounds as busy as Shad. Hope you get some time to walk Santa - I'm sure he can't wait for you to walk in the door each night. Bummer that you don't get Thanksgiving off - I am working most of the week too with only Thursday off so wondering how Thanksgiving dinner is going to get cooked Would have been nice to have 4 days off, huh?

Hellos to the rest of the chicks. I should have been in the shower 20 minutes ago so I'd better get a hustle on. Have a good day ladies.
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