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Tuesday...hmmmmm....another this wretched place. I know, Annie, it is a job, sort of, be glad I have one. blah blah blah

My friend here, Amy, is escaping. Her last day is the 23rd. She is in finance. Same pay, only she will get yearly bonuses and also a signing on bonus. So actually better pay. AND much better insurance. Go figure.

Having lunch with a former co-worker today at Don Pablo's. I am looking forward to the company and the mexican food. Oink oink.

Last night was pretty calm. Made creamed chicken and cheese sauce, then baked larger potatos. Poured the creamed chicken over the potatos. Sprinkled with chopped green onions (out of the garden that I froze). Was very tasty. Also cut up cucumbers and onions with vinegar water. YUM.

MELLIE...I know when I accidently leave my cell phone at home while at work, it drives me insane. Hope your phone comes very soon. Woke up this morning to 28 degrees. Burrrrr.

SHADDIE....I, too, think of the Bonnie Tyler song, Total Eclipse of the Heart when you go talking all that sky and star talk. lol Work getting any organized at all? If men in charge, probably not.

CEEG...hearing loss can be good at certain times. I know my G-pa used to reach up and turn his down when my G-ma went to b*tching about things. haha

LAURA...I haven't worn Lee jeans since my 20's, but thinking about going back to them. I love Levis, but they are not fitting me like they used to back in the day. All thes low waist, no waist, low cut, b*tt crack showing sizes stink.

MICHELLE...could you please PM me your new address? Thanks sister.

ELLEN....come out, come out, where ever you are.

HAPPY...Had you on my mind this morning for some reason. Hope your work day goes well, if you are working and your feet do not hurt too much. Hugs sister.

Everyone have a tremendous Tuesday....night before trash eve. lol.

Hello to all I missed

Love and hugs


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