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Good morning this morning. We are in the 30's this morning and the house is pretty cool. I took my meds and pain meds so I could get my chores done first thing. I only have to unload the dishwasher and reload it, fold a basket of clothes (sheets) and dust downstairs. Jack said he would vacuum when he gets home tonight. He is such a peach. Think I will keep him.

I did absolutely nothing except some laundry and unloaded the dishwasher yesterday. I sat around and read all day pretty much. Just felt too crummy to do anything, but like I said I took some meds first thing this morning before I started to feel bad so I can get stuff done. So far, so good!
I just don't like taking a lot of pain meds.

I am going to work on socks today. I want to finish T's first sock and work on mine. I am almost to the heel of my first one and I love the cute pattern and colors. I found an awesome site that sells tons of sock yarn in lots of fun colors and patterns and the prices aren't too bad either.

Jean: Glad you got a solution for your yarn. It amazes me they told you to tie them together. It is probably the biggest no no in knitting, tying or knotting. Me, I ignore them and do it anyway when I am doing something for the boys who would be a little tougher on their socks or hats or whatever. You want to be a knitting purist, that's your choice, but I do what I think will work and sometimes that means knotting. Back to normal today as the banks and such are all open again. Actually, Tricare is great. If we need emergency care, it is no problem. It either costs us nothing or $30 copay for the emergency room. I guess it depends on what type of emergency it is as whenever we had to take Jack back in when he was having the heart twinges years ago and it never cost us. I don't really mind the practice but it is tough to get appts. I am going to wait until the end of this month then will make an appt. I can't do any surgery until after the first of the year, d and c or something more drastic because Jack has no vacation or personal time left.

Maggie: Congrats and the big fat loss! Jack would shop for me in a heartbeat as he does it all the time, but I wasn't sure about some of the things I needed for the cookies and such so needed to go myself. I am better today though I am tired. I will try and grab a small nap this morning.

I guess I should go check on the clothes and see if they are ready to be taken out. You all have a great Tuesday and stay warm. Faye
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