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I love unexpected sights such as the deer. I've never seen one jump that high though. Must of been an awesome sight. Hadn't thought about a calendar countdown. It just dawned on me that as of the 27th of December it will only be 2.5 years. woot woot

I'm glad that you and your family is okay from that explosion. If it's going to snow I like the kind that melts when it hit's the ground. Maybe a dusting of snow.

Week ends do go by to fast. However your's sounded productive.

I took advantage of Saturday's beautiful sunshine and got outside. This afternoon is nice but a bit cool. Tonight is supposed to be in the upper 20's.

I thougt about you earlier as I read that there will be a solar eclipse tomorrow. Shad may get to experience. I will be watching online.

This has been a productive work day. I wanted to send the fluoride sample to the health department today but the plant didn't run as much as it normally does because of the cold front that came through. Maybe tomorrow. They said it stormed but I must of slept through it. I know I'm suffering from some hearing loss though.

Hello's to Shad, Ellen and Patty
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