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Monring all. Lazing around the house on my day off. Oops, 10:01 am, guess I'm not getting to that 10 am exercise class, lol.

Mel - Sounds like no cell phone can be a good thing, if a bit inconvenient. Hope you get it fixed soon.

Shad - Hope you caught up on your sleep on the plane. The fresh bread and garden tomatoes sound delish!!

Annie - So sad about the deaths from the (probably) gas explosion. The last of my garden tomatoes are still on the windowsill, but they were soooo green they aren't doing much now but going right from green to reddish and wrinkly. But they were good while they lasted! Looking forward to seeing Skyfall.

Happy - I like Lee jeans too, and I've gotten mine at Kohl's. Is there a Lee store or outlet store or are you shopping at an online site? Gosh, too much excitement at the shop - water problems. Hope the owner gave the tenant a good talking to! Happy Freedom Day to you! We had a thunderstorm Saturday afternoon, but it stopped in time for my dogwalk. Yesterday, however, was another matter...if you watched the Bears game you know, lol.

Ceejay - Have you got a countdown to retirement calendar set up yet? I thought about the leaf mold yesterday when I was out in the yard yesterday doing cleanup.

Michelle - Just reading your post made me tired - I can only imagine how you feel! Sorry you don't get a 4-day weekend for Thanksgiving, that would have been so nice for you. But I suppose your workplace will be a bit quieter...Hope you get some nice sleep tonight to recover from the weekend!

Hellos to Patty, Ellen and Java.
Had my early mammo appt Sat, AM - it went okay. Not as smashing as in the past (yuk,yuk), but the tech seemed satisfied. Then my breakfast with my former co-worker. That was nice but I ate too much of the hash!

After that I went to the resale shop for a browse. No books this time - I already have too many and just need to read those and/or use the library! Oh, Happy, I'm nearly halfway through Delores Claiborne - so far I'm liking it a lot. I found a nice like-new LeSportsac purse for $10 that still sells on their site for $88! And it has all the pockets I love, lol. I also bought some Christmas decorations - four strands of wooden cranberry beads - a change from the gold garland. Also a tomato ornament, LOL!! I'll have to post a picture of it for all you tomato lovers, haha. I also bought a cardboard santa face to hang in the window and two small metal luminaria that I'll light with tealight candles.

Yesterday I got out in the yard to do some more flower bed cleanup. Glad I got that done. Gosh was it windy, but the temps were nice. Coal was loving it out there. The big excitement was that at one point I heard him bark by the front gate (thought nothing of it), and the next thing I know I see him chasing a DEER across the yard!!!! The deer leaped over the back chain link fence into the yard behind ours light as a feather - wow. That's never happened before. He must have jumped over the wood fence at the front of the house right over Coal's head!

BF and I went out for a late lunch after I'd finished outside and had showered. We stopped at Walmart after we ate and it was raining by then - we got soaked just going back to the car, and then running from the car to the houseback at home. We watched the Bears game and that was about it for Sunday.

Just taking it easy today. Want to see a movie perhaps. Never did get to Kohl's. Might do that too.

Everyone have a great day!!
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