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Good Morning All....sheesh the poor victims of the explosion. Authorities are leaning toward a gas leak. Not determined as yet. Two house completely demolished. 12 others with major damages. Two deaths, one of which was a school teacher who taught 2nd grade, the other her husband. The entire neighborhood is not allowed into the addition. They are all camped out at a local church. So sad....and we think we have issues. God Blesses us in ways we do not even know.

Saw the movie Skyfall (James Bond). Loved it. IMAX theather, so it was really cool. The dude that plays the lawyer in Erin Brockavich is also in the movie. A lot heavier and bearded. I didn't realize it was him till I whispered to Curtis that guy has the same voice as the dude in Erin Brockavich. Curtis chuckled and said that is because it is him. lol He is not in the movie till about 3/4 the way into it.

I am eating the last of my garden tomatos today for brekkie and lunch. My last two. boo hoo hoo. It was a very nice weekend here in Indy, got my garden torn out. Sassy poo picked up and even wore shorts and a tank top....lil chilly but not bad.

MELLIE...are things starting to get slightly back to normal yet?

LAURA...thank you for texting and checking on us. We heard it but didn't know what it was till TV news later on.

HAPPY...the soup turned out fabulous. I had it for breakfast and then dinner last night. None left. lol.

Not much else to report....hello to all you wonderful women.

Loves and hugs,


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