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Good morning ladies. I haven't fallen off the end of the world, just been busy and feeling so rotten I have vegged in the chair a lot. I can't get back in to see the doctor until next month sometime and nothing I can do about it. It is one of the things I despise about this practice is they only do appts for about two weeks at a time and you keep having to call back all the time. I need a morning only appt and that can be hard to get too. You can't even get in to see a doctor at this practice if you actually are sick. I mean, like you have a cold or some ailment you need to be seen quickly. You can forget that, there are never appts available. You have to find one of those minute clinics that take your insurance and go there. I like my drs and don't want to find another practice besides the fact because we are Tricare, the choices are limited and would be the same thing, medicare patients, medicaid patients, etc.

Sounds like everyone is busy with their preps for the holidays and getting work done. Though there were several restaurants we could have gone to and Jack gotten a free meal, we opted out of doing that. There are a couple that are doing it today still, but I have felt so crummy that I do what I have to do and then come home. We had to go grocery shopping yesterday and I was in terrible pain the whole time. I literally bent over the shopping cart and dragged myself around the store. I thought about riding a cart, but the head of the commissary ordered batteries too small for these big ones and you get halfway through the store and they run out of juice. So I just sucked it up. We came home and Jack unloaded and I sat in my old computer chair and unloaded the bags into groups then would stand up long enough to put frozen foods away or refridge stuff and then sit back down. I sat in a chair and put most of the pantry stuff away.

Thomas got a band "promotion." He is in 7th grade now and moved 5 spots in the trumpet section chairs. He is 5th chair now and this is the best band at the school. Kind of hard to explain, but they have a band for every grade, a jazz band, a combined band that plays all the concerts and your have to audition for. Thomas is in the combined band and actually made it into that last year. So now he is getting good enough to move into better chairs so to speak. He has one heck of a musical ear for sure.

Last night the phone rang and I answered and it was Jay. He wanted to talk to his dad so I handed the phone over. I don't know why he doesn't just call his dad on his dad's phone, but whatever. Anyway, they talked a bit about Notre Dame and football and such and then I saw Jack get all teary eyed and Jay told his dad how proud he was of him for serving in the Navy and wished him a happy Veteran's Day. He is a good kid!

I am still working to finish Thomas's first sock, but it is nice to have the extra time to get them done. I have the leg on the socks I am knitting for myself almost done and they are so cute. I am going to get more yarn and make myself more socks I think.

Jean: How is the afghan coming along and what did you use as a solution to keep your stuff in place??? We are going to a fancy champagne brunch Thanksgiving at a restaurant with Kelly's family and then to their house to watch movies and play games. The other group will be here the weekend after that so I get two weekends of grandsons right in a row! I can't believe it is already Thanksgiving time. The year sure has rolled right along.

Maggie: Sounds like you are doing all kinds of planning and getting ready for the holidays. I bought stuff at the commissary to make buckeyes, milk chocolate fudge, chocolate chip cookies and rice krispie treats to take to Kelly's for Thanksgiving and then to have when Jay is down here the following weekend. The bad thing is the prices have gone sky high on everything and I hate to think what it would have cost at a regular grocery store for all that stuff. I have to send Jack out today to get hamburger at Krogers. The machinery to grind the meat to burger had broken down and there was no ground beef at the commissary. Problem is, I buy ground round or sirloin and they may not have it.

Well gals, I am going to sit and knit until Jack gets up then get chores done before I start feeling bad. I have to squeeze it into a little window of time most days right now. Have a great start to the week. Faye
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