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Good Evening.....

Made homemade pizza, dough in the breadmaker. Pepperoni, hamburger, onion, green pepper, yellow and green peppers. Also made breadstix. Was quite tasty.

Sis came over to borrow Cs SUV for the weekend to go to Ohio for a wedding. Gave her some pizza to take home with her. Ainsley came with her and got Sassy all stirred up and running through the waSs actually kind of cute and now Sass is tuckered out in MY lazyboy...

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and 63, will feel like a heat wave. Sunday is supposed to be even better. C and I are going to see the new James Bond movie Sunday morning with my brother and SIL..

Shaddie...I still have 5 tomatos from my garden that I am rationing myself. I had to brown bag them to get them to turn now I am eating them one at a time a few days a part...I just hate letting go of summer. Boo...

Chelle....just do what you think is best for you and no one else. You come first. You are doing a great job, btw, considering all the stress and hurt you have been under. Prayers do work!

Laura...have fun with the boobie squeeze. NOT.. I agree with you on canned anything. I don't even buy canned veggies or anything. Way too much sodium...has to be frozen for me. If it does come in a can or jar it has to be the low sodium version.

Ceeg...scary about the break in, worse if anyone had been home. Around here they are breaking in even if people are home then beating them or shooting them.....this economy has people doing things they normally wouldn't do.

Mellie...good for you for taking a 4 day weekend. After all the hours you put in and alarms you answer, you NEED to take time for you....I am very proud of you for doing that. Enjoy Jen and Richie, and the heck with the rest of it. xoxo

Hello to all everyone...

Going to watch a couple of shows, then hit the hay that C is warming up at the moment....

Love and hugs


Lap RNY 2/12/07

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